Interim Measure Remedy Evaluation

Calumet Montana Refinery (CMR) conducted a Truck Loading Rack Interim Measure remedy evaluation during the spring of 2019. The remedial action goals identified for the Truck Loading Rack include:

  • Reduction of mobile light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) from the Truck Loading Rack source area.

  • Mitigate dissolved phase petroleum constituents from migrating south from the Truck Loading Rack source area to the Missouri River.

  • Contain dissolved phase petroleum constituents present along the north side of River Road from migrating to the Missouri River.

CMR submitted the Truck Loading Rack remedy evaluation to Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) on June 10, 2019. 



 Selected Interim Measure Remedies


The Interim Measure remedy evaluation identified two separate areas to address remedial goals, Source Area and North River Road Area. 

  • Source Area Interim Measure remedial approach will include LNAPL skimming to remove separate phase petroleum floating on top of the water table; and bio-sparging (injection of air into the groundwater) to increase biodegradation of dissolved phase petroleum constituents in groundwater.


  • North River Road Area remedial approach will include air sparging (AS) in the water table and soil vapor extraction (SVE) of the unsaturated zone.  AS removes petroleum contaminants from the dissolved phase in groundwater and transfers them to the vapor phase in soil which are removed from the ground via SVE.



 Future Activities

CMR will conduct the following activities to implement the Truck Loading Rack Interim Measure remedy:

  • Conduct pre-design pilot study (Oct/Nov 2019) of the selected Interim Measure technologies to validate the selected remedies and to gain additional subsurface characterization data needed to complete the Interim Measure remedy design.


  • Complete the 30% (Dec 2019/Jan 2020) and 100% Interim Measure Remedy Designs (Feb/Mar 2020).


  • Conduct preconstruction activities such as permitting, procurement, and contracting (2nd quarter 2020).


  • Install the Interim Measure remedies and conduct a 30-day remedy start-up (3rd quarter 2020).


  • Initiate full time Interim Measure remedy operation, maintenance, and monitoring actions (4th quarter 2020).  

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